It's obvious to everyone that drunk driving is against the law, and almost everyone agrees that the streets would be safer if drunk drivers were kept off the road.

Sadly, staistics show that thousands of people die or are injured every year due to accidents involving drunk drivers.

In many states, those convicted of DUI may only start their cars only after blowing into a device that detects their blood acohol level. The device (commonly called an ignition interlock device) which is attached to their car's ignition system, will only start if the device does not detect the presence of alcohol.

To learn more about how the device works take a look at a more detailed description here. If you have been ordered by the court to use this device or you have more questions, be sure to visit the FAQ page or visit our contact page here for details on contacting us and arranging your install of the interlock device.


Additional Interlock Service Providers:
Life Safer


Enforcement of new law which became effective in November of last gaining more attention.2009 LAWS OF NEW YORK CHAPTER 495
1-02-2010 - Ignition Interlock Training Video
Available to assist new clients, this recently released video shows how the Lifesafe Ignition Interlock works. see video.
12-15-2008 - Keeping New York Safe.
During a recent interview with Don Prudente, he discussed his companies' mission and genuine desire to keep the streets of New York safe. read more.
6-25-2008 - Contract Awarded.
Audioman, INC was recently awarded a contract with Ignition Interlock. read more.
6-18-2008 - NY Senate passes Ignition Interlock bill for DWI Offenses.
The Senate recently passed legislation that mandates ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers in 7 counties. read more.

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